The three strategies to respond effectively to the headacheSpring

0 January 15th, 2014

Headache induced five factors

1. Sleep rhythm changes: spring sunshine time are significantly longer sleep time relative reduction prone to tension headaches.

2. Climate instability: the spring temperature is difference between day and night, poor resistance if not timely change of clothing, easy to get the colds, migraine occurs due to stagnation of qi and blood stasis.

3. Infection-prone: When a virus, bacteria or chlamydia infection occurs, there will be a significant headache symptoms.

4. Unstable blood pressure: spring of all things blooming, easy to fluctuations in blood pressure, many patients with hypertension due to unstable blood pressure, headache, dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms.

Strategy 1: Knowing how to distinguish the type of headaches
1. Migraine: a high incidence of frequent seizures, middle age for the onset of the peak. According to statistics, 30% to 40% of the middle-aged man suffering from migraine headaches. Typical migraine patients in puberty onset, and most of them have a family history. 20% of migraine with aura patients attack, such as depression. “the immediate risk Venus”. Pain mostly starts from the rear of the side of the orbital or frontbencher gradually intensified and extended to the semi or the whole head was pulsating throbbing. Mood swings, drinking or menstrual cramps, are likely to cause.

2. Tension headache: Extremely common, is due to the continued contraction of the muscles of the head and neck, mental stress, head and neck the scapular posture improper common causes. Located in the occipital and neck pain was persistent dull pain, sometimes forehead. Patients often tell confining sense and stress, head, usually after getting up, and began to head discomfort, headache gradually worsened after sometimes lasted for many days. Much the sick often say. His headache over the years had not been easy off.

3. Trigeminal neuralgia: often you brush your teeth, wash your face, shaving hair, talking, yawning, sudden the unilateral facial severe pain, such as a knife, needle sticks burning paroxysmal lightning-like pain, with the same side Ministry muscle cramps, conjunctival hyperemia, tearing and drooling. Each pain may be episodes a short time, a few seconds to a few minutes or a sudden onset of a sudden stop.

4. Cluster headache: headache recurrent episodes within a certain period of time (2 weeks to 3 months), other times no headache episodes. Cluster headache attack is not severe and less frequent, duration, or long or short. Some patients may only experience a cluster period.

5. Cervical spondylitis: the headache is located in the occipital, subclinical spread to the same side of the eye or forehead. Sometimes was tingling or dull pain, often accompanied by pain or numbness of the ipsilateral upper extremity.

6. Hypertension: headache are common symptoms of hypertensive patients, often pulsating dull pain with head pressed against the flu. Mostly located on both sides of the temple or occipital pain, bow, exertion, headache intensified.

7. Drain the placeholder venereal awarded: the most common brain tumors. Located on both sides of the amount of pain, occipital, or the whole head, often less dramatic, early morning, coughing, sneezing, breath-holding force or bow when the pain worsened. Lesions early, headache often intermittent, with tumor growth may be the development of persistent pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

8. Intracranial infection or cerebrovascular disease: when accompanied by vomiting, headache, fever, weakness, hemiplegia, dysphasia, neck stiffness, blurred consciousness, or sudden severe headache, should see a doctor to rule out intracranial infection or cerebrovascular disease possible.

Strategies 2: Learn to approach Cure before seeking due.
To treat headache, you must first identify the cause as soon as possible in order to carry out a targeted therapy. If the headache is caused by hypertension, antihypertensive drugs can eliminate the headache; If the headache is caused by intracranial tumor, should strive for the surgery as soon as possible; headache is excessive tension induced timely rest is the best choice; if the headache is caused by infection, should taking anti-infective drugs in a timely manner; headache due to increased intracranial pressure, should be reducing the intracranial pressure.

Need to be reminded that many patients, headache, eat painkillers. In fact, paracetamol and other non-steroidal antipyretic analgesics only relieve symptoms, cannot eliminate a headache the real reason. Painkiller abuse not only causes the headache chronic and aggravates, can also cause drowsiness, gastrointestinal discomfort and other adverse reactions. Headache plagued must go to a regular hospital, under the guidance of a doctor to choose the right treatment method, in order to avoid delaying the disease.

Strategy 3 is preventive “homework”1 self-massage.
1. Often use your fingers to “comb” or massage the scalp, relax, and clear the blood and reduce headaches.
2. Ensure adequate sleep. Should be the law of life, reasonable arrangements for the rest of time, work and rest, to avoid due to lack of sleep can lead to headaches. Of course, we cannot sleep too long, otherwise it will be a headache.
3. Note the Science Diet. Headache patients try to not eat chocolate, coffee and cocoa, and other foods. Because these foods contain enable vasoconstrictory substance, with the dilation of blood vessels, headache occurs. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and foods can enrich in magnesium elements.
4. Reduce vision burden. Watch television or operate a computer for a long period of time will appear as fatigue, triggering a headache. Hid their eyes with the palms of their hands to avoid visual fatigue occurred at intervals of about one hour, let your eyes rest for 30 seconds, then move your hands off, slowly open your eyes.
5. Avoid bad posture. In their daily lives, whether walking or sitting, should “dearest friends chest, avoid heading down, hunched over. Mao Zhaoyao; sleep, should avoid the prone position and his head covered with a quilt, so as not to induce headache.
6. Maintain a good attitude. Sense of humor, and learn to relax themselves adept at controlling impatience, anger, stress and other negative emotions, in order to achieve the purpose of still pain .

Three health benefits of your dream

0 January 11th, 2014

Dreaming is a normal human body, essential for the physiological and psychological phenomenon. Many people think that dreaming sleep when the brain no rest, is a very good sign, but in fact, the dream is also good for the body.

First, relieve fatigue and rest the body
Fatigue was in terms of physical activity and mental activity after the depletion of energy, energy of the brain by the blood supply of glucose. Physical and mental activities require a lot of glucose. Glucose from the blood supply can not meet its needs, this time it will draw on the reserves of the body. Body reserves this process will produce a lactic acid. The accumulation of lactic acid, is fatiguing a physiological and biochemical manifestations. Sleep can relieve this fatigue. Sleep, all activity stopped, muscles consumption is also reduced, in order to save energy, the body temperature is also reduced.

Sleep in when there is a function, is the synthesis of new proteins. New protein is needed by the human body, mostly synthetic sleep. So sleep is essential to relieve fatigue and rest the body.

Second, finishing bring insight
We have experienced a lot of things during the day, our brains to always recorded, and from time to time to monitor, record happened around you always. Whether you consciously, or unconsciously, in particular, great visual amount of information, as long as your eyes are swept away, all of the stimulus will go to go inside your brain. When you sleep, the brain will playback side playback, while finishing, and then depending on the contents, respectively, put it in different brain functional circuit inside.

In addition, there learning the functions of the brain at night. For example, a famous mystery western, detective daytime baffled, could not think of the case is how it happened. Results of his dreaming, he dreamed out what’s going on the next day in accordance with the tips of his dreams, breaking this case. Them sleep at night like this, the dream sometimes bring epiphany, sometimes bring innovative.

Third, psychological adjustment
We know that, if the dream in the night before, the next day was energetic, and I feel very comfortable. But if you do a nightmare, the next day the mood is not pleasant, will feel did not sleep well, it will feel anxiety, irritability, losing her temper, things still less than the heart. Visible dreaming is an essential part to maintain a good attitude.

From a psychological point of view of psychoanalysis, the meaning of dreams is that by the desire to meet. Whether you are a noble people, humble people, the depth of our hearts, are a collection of far too many are willing or able to say and do not want to or can not say that the desire to export. Almost endless desire, many unrealistic life can not be instant gratification or simply can not meet. Failed or can not be desire to meet in real life, but they can be obtained in a dream meet of psychological adjustment psychological balance.

If you do not dream, the desire of large and small will make us not sleep. Even if we sometimes uneasy anxiety in the dream, but also allows the same dream and sleep correct.

What vegetables can be eaten in summer is the most health

0 January 7th, 2014

1, Wax gourd – clearing summer-heat
In summer, the day is hot, people tend to be upset and impatient, hot and uncomfortable, you can eat melon, effectively alleviate the symptoms. Wax gourd contains more vitamin C and potassium content, sodium content is low, high blood pressure, kidney, edema disease patients eat, swelling can be achieved without injury righteousness role.
Wax gourd should not be eaten raw, fried or soup can be eaten, but the melon is cold, stomach deficiency, easy to diarrhea people should be careful eating; illness and Yang, cold limbs who want to ban consumption.

2, Cucumber – heat diuretic
In summer, a lot of people like to eat cucumber, crisp and refreshing, appetizers, there are detoxification, diuresis swelling effect. Cucumber is rich in nutrients, including vitamin C, carotene and potassium, also contains ingredients can inhibit cancer cell reproduction. Therefore, from a nutritional point of view, it is very suitable for all long-term consumption of vegetables.

But note cucumber cold foods, ingredients, 96% water, to eliminate the body heat, with heat cured detoxification. Cold foods not conducive to the circulation of blood, will hinder the metabolism, causing various diseases. So even if it is summer and it is not too much to eat.
Cucumber salad is a refreshing summer dish, but be aware that it is best not fasting food. When do salad, remember adding the right amount of garlic, you can play the role of sterilization.

3,Loofah – prompting fashionistas
Gourd is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin C, saponins, plant mucilage, xylose gum, bitter gourd C, citrulline and so on. Loofah there Qingshu cooling, detoxification laxative, chills, phlegm, run muscle beauty, the flow of qi and blood, lower blood pressure, lower milk and other effects, especially for summer consumption.

Loofah fruit can be eaten only with medication effect. Luffa flower detoxification effect, for the treatment of hyperactivity cough, sore throat, rhinitis, hemorrhoids; loofah sub heat, phlegm, moistening, detoxification; loofah detoxification, Huoxuetongluo diuretic swelling.

Loofah should not be eaten raw, can also be directly fried soup, gourd juice rich, freshly brewed recommendations are cut so that its nutritional content to go along with juice, water. Cooking when the proposed light-based, do not add too many flavors heavier sauces, in order to avoid the taste of sweet gourd away.

4, Cabbage mustard – diuresis phlegm
Cabbage mustard is kale. Kale stem is stout upright, tightly tissue containing less water, the epidermis another layer of wax, chewing up and cool but not so hard, crisp but not tough.

The nutritional value of kale is rich in carotene, vitamin C content is very high, far more than is widely believed amaranth and other high vitamin C content of vegetables. Most importantly, Chinese kale with abundant glucosinolates, is a powerful anti-cancer compounds, often eat also lower cholesterol, soften blood vessels, prevent heart disease, efficacy, and its anti-cancer effect of antioxidant cannot be small spy.